Production of Amber Bee cereals began in the Kursk area (located in southwestern Russia) in 2008. That particular area is considered to be one of the leading agricultural regions in Russia, which we chose precisely because of the extremely favourable climatic conditions, as well as because of the rare and very fertile soil – chernozem, which in combination with environmental factors creates irreplaceable conditions for the cultivation of many agricultural crops. Our basic idea was to market a healthy and natural product. The main principles of our business are - good intentions and love, as a foundation for top-quality food production. The cereals we work with are produced and processed using the latest technologies, which protect the grain from internal damage, thus conserving all the healthy vitamins and trace elements in it. We offer a wide variety of products, ranging from whole grain buckwheat (roasted and raw), to Russian rice and farro, along with many other types of cereal flakes.